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NEET Physics - DPP for Medical Entrance Test


NEET Physics - DPP PDF consists of mixed questions from the entire biology syllabus. It is made available to help students to keep on track while preparing for the medical entrance test.

The biology syllabus is literally very huge and quite detailed as well. Hence, it needs regular practice to have a strong grasp of the subject.

The Biology Daily Practice Problem that we are giving here has a very detailed and classified representation of the questions.

Using these daily practice problems NEET aspirants will be able to have a very strong grip on each topic as well.

Physics - DPP Chapter Wise Sheet in PDF

Physics - DPP Chapter Wise Sheet in PDF has questions from every individual chapter. NEET Biology syllabus consists of chapters from NCERT Class 11th & 12 textbooks. Students can use intermediate books to learn the basics of biology concepts. 

chapter-wise DPP sheets for biology neet pdf are available here on this website that has the following chapters.

  • The Living World

  • Biological Classification

  • Plant Kingdom

  • Animal Kingdom

  • Morphology of Flowering Plant

  • Anatomy of Flowering Plant

  • Structural Organisation In Animals

  • The Unit of Life

  • Biomolecules

  • Cell Cycle And Cell Division

  • Transport in Plant

  • Mineral Nutrition

  • Photosynthesis in Higher Plant

  • Respiration in Plant

  • Plant Growth and Development

  • Digestion and Absorption

  • Breathing and Exchange of Gases

  • Body Fluids and Circulation

  • Excretory Products And Their Elimination

  • Locomotion And Movement

  • Neural Control And Coordination

  • Chemical Coordination And Integration

  • Reproduction In Organisms

  • Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants

  • Human Reproduction

  • Reproductive Health

  • Principles Of Inheritance And Variation

  • Molecular Basis Of Inheritance

  • Evolution

  • Human Health and Disease

  • Strategies For Enhancement In Food Production

  • Microbes and Human Welfare

  • Biotechnology - Principles And Processes

  • Biotechnology And Its Applications

  • Organisms And Populations

  • Ecosystem

  • Biodiversity And Its Conservation

  • Environmental Issues

Along with the DPP for NEET PDF Biology, we have added the Mock Test as well. 

NEET Biology Full Syllabus Mock Test

NEET Biology Full Syllabus Mock Test has covered the entire NEET Syllabus. And it has a section wise set of problems. Each Section has a particular number of problems.

Section 1- Botany

The Botany Section comes in the first and this part has questions from the entire Class 11th and 12th Botany chapters such as Ecosystem, The Living World, Plant Kingdom, Transport in Plants, etc. Questions are in the MCQs format and a few questions have been demonstrated with the help of figures as well.

There are certain types of questions mentioned in the botany sections:-

  • Choose the Correct Option

  • Choose the Correct Combination

 Section 2- Zoology

The zoology section has questions from the Animal Kingdom, Structural Organisation in Animals, Evolution, etc. It also has MCQs type of questions. But there are Statement based, problems based upon the identification questions as well. 

At the end of each Section practice, the problem answer key is given to help students to match their answers.

To download this DPP you can visit the given links available here on this website.

NEET Physics - DPP with Hints & Solutions

NEET Physics - DPP with Hints and Solutions is also one of the most helpful resources for NEET Entrance Exam aspirants. After Solving the NEET Biology Daily Practice Problems students need to check their answers.

So the given Hints and Solutions are provided section-wise. These hints have been explained in a manner so you can easily comprehend and learn them.

Marking Scheme for NEET Physics - DPP for 

We have tried to make the DPP as realistic as possible to real Questions Papers. Thus we have given the total time allocation 60 min, maximum marks are given 180. There is a negative marking as well. If you give any wrong answer. Then (-1) marks for each wrong answer will be reduced from your total score. And for all the right answer (+4) numbers will be given for each correct answer.

Features of NEET Physics - DPP

Below is the list of features of  DPP Biology for NEET 2021 that we are providing.

  • The DPP is available in PDF version.

  • It is available for free.

  • Questions are divided into section wise and chapter wise.

Meanwhile, if you encounter any type of difficulty in solving the questions. You can access the NEET Biology Notes and to learn everything in depth you can download the NCERT Textbooks for NEET


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