FREE Online Test Series for Electrical Engineering

FREE Online Test Series for Electrical Engineering is a set of questions. Electric Engineering Questions are based upon physics, Mathematics, etc. Gate EE Question Papers are basically designed to assess the aspirants of GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering). GATE is basically an entrance test that occurs once per year. The test has the purpose to identify the eligible candidates for admission to Master Program. Along with that, a few reputed companies hire the employee who qualifies for the GATE. GATE EE Test Series is given here for free of cost in a PDF file.

Gate EE Overview

GATE Test exam mode is Online. The entire examination is divided into 3 different sections such as General Aptitude, ECE, Engineering Mathematics. The test has a total number of questions 65 and candidates will have to compete for 100 marks. The time is allotted for 3 hours. Basically, the Gate EE includes the syllabus by which the aspirants of GATE can be examined on the basis of different topics and concepts. Such as Power systems, Signals and Systems, Analog systems, Electric Circuits, etc.


GATE EE Mock Test PDF is an assessment paper that allows aspirants to practice the GATE question Papers that are basically prepared for the practice purpose. However, the time frame, syllabus, and the topics that are asked in the mock test is very similar to the actual question asked in the GATE Test. Mock test helps students to give the assessment test so that they can decide whether they have to work hard or not. Furthermore, hard work always pays off so even if you get good marks then don’t stop doing hard work. Electrical Engineering is a very wide area. Thus, candidates will have to be a hard-core practitioner.

Online Electrical Engineering Test is completely dedicated to making you more efficient, fast, accurate so that you can perform outstandingly in your GATE exam. Here we are providing the complete Online study materials for Electrical Engineers so that they can prepare themselves for the upcoming Gate entrance test.

Basis of Assessment for GATE EE

GATE EE test is based upon different skills of candidates such as comprehensive skill, aptitude, Logical reasoning skills, Knowledge of core subjects, etc. Thus it is required to have a strong foundational knowledge along with other skills as well. Topics that are generally covered in the GATE Electrical Engineering exam are Quantitative aptitude, verbal & Logical Engineering, Core subjects, and many more. The GATE Electrical Engineering 2022 exam may have the same exam pattern, you can check the GATE 2022 Syllabus by visiting the Important Informations.

GATE EE Syllabus

Having knowledge of the GATE EE Syllabus saves a bunch of time and aspirants can focus on the specific area of the subjects or topics to be confident for the final examination. Below is the sneak peek of GATE 2022 Exam syllabus as per the expectation of the 2021 Syllabus.

General Aptitude

General Aptitude is a very basic and easy assessment. Here you will be judged on the basis of the General Verbal and Numerical abilities.

Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Mathematics is for the assessment of the Mathematics topics such as Linear Algebra, Calculus, Differential Equation, Integration, and etc.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is about the topics Electric circuit, Electromagnetic Field, Electrical Machines, Electrical and Electronic Measurements, etc.

Candidates preparing for the entrance test will get to know that they are going to judge by someone else. On the basis of creative skills.

How Important is Syllabus for the GATE EE Mock Test?

GATE EE Mock Test is very important from the test perspective. It is so because the test paper is very similar to the actual exam paper. Students are being judged and get marks according to their performance. Thus, having knowledge of GATE EE allows students to be serious and very specific with the types of practice or study materials that they are currently using. is providing all the important study materials such as MCQ, textbooks, EE notes, GATE EE Cut off lists, and many more things. Everything is free of cost here to download and you can even read them without downloading and signup.

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